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Rarexoticseeds - Who are we ?

3 words about us.

First of all, Rarexoticseeds is 3 words "RARE EXOTIC SEEDS" gathered together to welcome you to our official blog.

For those who still don’t know who we are, we are an online supplier of plants and seeds of rare and exotic flowers for retail growers and home gardeners.

Located in Montreal, Canada, Rarexoticseeds was successful in diversifying its offer, with several seeds of a rarity never seen elsewhere.

In 10 years, we become one of the key players in the online sale of rare and exotic seeds, with a unique and outstanding selection of more than 1 000 references seeds from around the world.

The heart of our business is Rare and Exotic Seeds.

We strive to provide and satisfy our customers by completing our catalogs with the best of rare and exotic species.

Particularly with 8 categories :

  • Tree and Shrubs Seeds (baobabs, fruit trees, maples…)
  • Bonsai Seeds
  • Plant and flowers Seeds (aquatic plants, exotic plants, edible plants, iris, banana seeds, medicinal plants, tropical plants, lilly seeds & hemerocallis, sunflowers…)
  • Adenium and Pachypodium Seeds
  • Carnivorous Plants Seeds (drosera, pinguicula, sarracenia, utricularia…)
  • Palm Trees Seeds
  • Cactus and Succulent Seeds
  • Passiflora Seeds

The creation of this categories was done with the network that we managed and build throughout the years internationally, especially with countries such as Australia, India, Latin America, which have tropical climate, and a unique and extraordinary flora.

Why a blog?

Several reasons push Rarexoticseeds today to go into blogging:

  • First, we are passionate about gardening and have green fingers. We will have great pleasure in submitting the best tips and tricks for gardening, with the germination and seed scarification because your problems affect us too.
  • Because at Rarexoticseeds, we like stories, we will make you travel across five continents making you discover seeds out of the ordinary.
  • You will also find our latest news with our latest new product, our contests, promotions ...
  • Finally, we will post tickets around trends of the week with news about the garden, and original articles that caught our attention.

Who is it aimed at ?

Everyone is welcome here.

We will be pleased to welcome the entire community of gardeners and planters, professional or amateurs wishing to learn a little, a lot, passionately every day.

The advantages of our blog

  • With our expertise, you will have regular quality content.
  • A proximity with our community around the world, with whom we have the pleasure to share via your comments and opinions.
  • You can find all our news more easily.

Don't hesitate to send us your comments and to propose new topics for the community.

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Stay connected ! :D