Carnivorous Plants

Carnivorous Plants

  1. Dionaea Muscipula Giant Forms Mix (Venus Flytrap)
    Dionaea Muscipula Giant Forms Seeds Mix (Venus Flytrap Seeds)

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    Carnivorous plant that usually digests within 3-5 days. View Details

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  2. Darlingtonia Californica Seeds (Cobra Palnt Seeds)
    Darlingtonia Californica Seeds (Cobra Lily Seeds)

    Starting at: USD3.60

    Seeds from Josephine County, Oregon. This species looks like a cobra with it head expanded ready to strike, and it even has what looks like a forked tongue coming from the mouth. View Details
  3. Cephalotus Follicularis (Australian Pitcher Plant)
    Cephalotus Follicularis Seeds (Australian Pitcher Plant)

    Starting at: USD6.50

    There's no need to fertilize, as the plant relies on insects for food. Fertilizing will kill the plant. View Details

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  4. Byblis Liniflora (Rainbow Plant)
    Byblis Liniflora Seeds (Rainbow Plant Seeds)

    Starting at: USD3.90

    When insects land on the plant, they become glued tight by the sticky substance of it leaves. View Details

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  5. Byblis Lamellata (Rainbow Plant)
    Byblis Lamellata Seeds (Rainbow Plant Seeds)

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    Glittering and often delicate, Byblis, the Rainbow Plants, can sometime appear as frosted sprays of water, and in sunlight can sparkle with multicolored hues. View Details

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  6. Byblis Filifolia (Rainbow Plant)
    Byblis Filifolia Seeds (Rainbow Plant Seeds)

    Starting at: USD4.90

    Byblis filifolia grows naturally as an annual, but can be kept as a biennial if grown in constantly moist soils. View Details

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