Cupressus Macrocarpa Seeds - (Monterey Cypress)

Cupressus Macrocarpa Seeds - (Monterey Cypress)


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Cupressus macrocarpa is a family tree of Cupressaceae, endemic to the central coast of California.


Cupressus macrocarpa is a cypress native to the Central Coast of California. It is a medium-sized coniferous evergreen tree, which often becomes irregular and flat-topped as a result of the strong winds that are typical of its native area. It grows to heights of up to 40 meters (133 feet) in perfect growing conditions, and its trunk diameter can reach 2.5 meters (over 8 feet).
Label Cupressus macrocarpa
Common name Monterey Cypress
Family No
Genus No
Species Cupressus macrocarpa
Cultivar No
Therapeutic uses No
Germination Coming soon.
Scarification / Stratification No

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