Graines Villadia Misera

Graines Villadia Misera

Succulente originaire du nord du Mexique.
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10 Graines Villadia Misera
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Villadia Misera
Villadia misera (Lindley) RT Clausen, aussi connue sous le nom de V. parviflora (Hemsley) Rose; RT Clausen (1940), ainsi que Sedum miserum est succulente originaire du nord du Mexique. Il est environ 9 pouces de haut. La plante mesure environ 23 cm de haut.
Plus d’information
Famille Crassulaceae
Genre Villadia
Espèce Villadia Misera
Germination Moisten seed-starting mix with water and fill it into a seed-raising tray or a pot with drainage holes up to 1/2 inch from the top. Press down on the soil with your hand so it's firm in the container.
Spread the seeds evenly over the soil surface, about 1 inch apart. Lightly cover the seeds with a thin layer of seed-starting mix that's equal to their diameter. Tamp down the soil so it's in full contact with the seeds.
Fill a spray bottle with water and moisten the top layer of soil with it. Stretch a piece of clear plastic wrap over the seed-raising tray or pot to maintain a consistent humidity level.
Place the pot or seed-raising tray in a warm area or put a heat mat underneath the container. Provide a consistent temperature between 65 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit.
Uncover the seed-raising container regularly during the germination period and mist the seed-raising mix with water so it's consistently moist -- not soggy. Expect germination within two to four weeks.
Remove the plastic wrap after the seeds germinate. Place the seed-raising container or pot near a sunny window so the seedlings can grow. Alternatively, suspend fluorescent lights over the seedlings at a consistent 6-inch distance. Keep the lights on for about 16 hours per day.
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