Graines Nepenthes Tenax

Graines Nepenthes Tenax

Nouvelle espèce rare de plantes carnivores qui peut manger des petits rats.
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Nepenthes Tenax
Nepenthes Tenax est une espèce de plante carnivore originaire du nord de Queensland, en Australie. C'est la troisième espèce de Nepenthes enregistrées sur le continent. Nepenthes Tenax pousse à une hauteur d'environ 100 cm.
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Nom commun Pitcher Plant
Espèce Nepenthes tenax
Germination Nepenthes seeds should be started on chopped live sphagnum moss in very damp but not wet conditions. It is best to spray the sown seeds with a fungicide. Cover the top of the pot with clear plastic so the humidity will remain high, place them in an area with real nice strong light and keep the temperature around 32øC/90øF. When you see some tiny plants starting to sprout, slowly open the top of the pot, a little each day, so that the new seedlings don't go into shock from the humidity being lowered too quickly. Germination usually occurs in a few months, but it can take longer, sometimes nothing can happen for a year, don't give up. Make sure that it gets good air circulation.
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