Japanese Maple Seeds

Acer Palmatum Seeds (Japanese Maple Seeds)


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Very small leaves !


Acer palmatum , commonly known as Japanese maple, is a small tree reaching heights of 6 to 10 m (20 to 33 ft), rarely 16 metres (52 ft). Seeds collected in the USA.
Label No
Common name Japanese Maple
Family No
Genus No
Species Acer palmatum
Cultivar No
Therapeutic uses No
Germination For faster germination, soak the seeds in slightly hot water for 24-48 hours, followed by 3 months cold stratification before sowing at 1/3" deep in sterile gardening soil. Keep damp soil, not soaking wet. Keep pot in warm situation 68-75°F. Germination usually occurs in one to two months. It can be a lot more depending on their degree of unbroken dormancy, don't lose faith.
Scarification / Stratification This will break their dormancy. It creates a cold and moist environment for the seeds. Mixed in seeds with slightly moistened vermiculite or peat, only damp in a ziplock bag. Close zip bag shut and store it in the salad crisper compartment of your refrigerator. If any seeds begin to sprout during the cold stratification, simply remove the seed and plant.

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