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  1. Yucca Brevifolia Seeds (Joshua Tree Seeds)

    Starting at US$2.90

    Great for a bird garden and a butterfly garden.
  2. Yucca Carnerosana Seeds (Giant Spanish Dagger Seeds)

    Starting at US$3.50

    Has beautiful symmetrical rosettes of leaves. Produces fleshy fruits.
  3. Yucca Faxoniana Seeds
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      Yucca Faxoniana Seeds

      Starting at US$1.90

      It is known by the common names Faxon yucca, Spanish dagger and giant dagger.
    • Yucca Filamentosa Seeds (Adam's Needle)

      Starting at US$1.90

    • Yucca Filifera Seeds (St Peter's Palm Seeds, Palma China Seeds)

      Starting at US$3.80

      Requires any well drained soils. Will tolerate light to moderate freezes and is best suited to warm temperate/subtropical areas.
    • Yucca Rigida Seeds (Blue Yucca Seeds)

      Starting at US$2.20

      It will grow well in full sun but tolerates light shade. This yucca has excellent heat and drought tolerance.
    • Yucca Rostrata Seeds (Blue Beaked Yucca Seeds, Big Bend Yucca Seeds, Old Man Yucca Seeds)

      Starting at US$2.20

      Grown for foliage. Extremely beautiful and architectural plant with a dense crown of narrow blue-green leaves.