Fruit Trees

Fruit Trees

  1. Actinidia Deliciosa (Kiwifruit)
    Actinidia Deliciosa Seeds (Kiwifruit Seeds)

    Starting at: USD1.90

    Sow during spring in a greenhouse. Prefers a sound loamy acid soil. View Details
  2. Cashews
    Anacardium Occidentale (Cashew Tree Seeds)

    Starting at: USD13.00

    Tropical evergreen tree bearing kidney-shaped nuts that are edible only when roasted. View Details

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  3. Annona Muricata Seeds - Soursop
    Annona Muricata Seeds (Soursop Seeds, Soursap Seeds, Graviola Seeds)

    Starting at: USD3.60

    The flesh of the fruit is white and sweet-acidic. It is usually juiced instead of eaten and contains a lot of vitamins. View Details
  4. nnona Senegalensis (Annona Chrysophylla, Anone)
    Annona Senegalensis Seeds (Annona Chrysophylla Seeds, Anone Seeds)

    Starting at: USD1.50

    Tends to favor sandy soils, but grows well in a wide variety of soils. Very demanding of light, should be place in full sun. View Details

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  5. Annona Squamosa (Sugar Apple, Sweetsop, Custard Apple)
    Annona Squamosa Seeds (Sugar Apple Seeds, Sweetsop Seeds, Custard Apple Seeds)

    Starting at: USD1.90

    Annona blooms all year long in tropical regions. In milder climates, it blooms in spring and at the start of summer. View Details
  6. Bartlett Pear ( Pyrus communis)
    Bartlett Pear Seeds ( Pyrus communis)

    Starting at: USD1.80

  7. Blackcurrant
    Blackcurrant Seeds (Ribes nigrum)

    Starting at: USD1.90

  8. Borojo Seeds
    Borojoa Patinoi Seeds (Borojo Seeds)

    Starting at: USD2.50

    Tree lives with 85% humidity in the air. Its fruits are rich in calcium. View Details
  9. Capsicum Cayenne (Cayenne Pepper)
    Capsicum Cayenne Seeds (Cayenne Pepper) *ORGANIC*

    Starting at: USD2.20

    Cayenne Pepper is a medium hot pepper which is a very popular international favorite. Hot 30K-50K (Scoville Units), 10 times hotter than Jalapeno. View Details