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  1. Acer Palmatum Atropurpureum (Redleaf Maple)
    Acer Palmatum Atropurpureum Seeds (Redleaf Maple Seeds)

    Starting at: USD1.90

    Known to make wonderful informal upright bonsai. View Details
  2. Aechmea Bracteata Seeds
    Aechmea Bracteata Seeds

    Starting at: USD2.20

    Aechmea bracteata is a species of the genus Aechmea. This species is native to Central America, Mexico, Colombia, and Venezuela; it is also reportedly naturalized in the Bahamas. View Details
  3. Cashews
    Anacardium Occidentale (Cashew Tree Seeds)

    Starting at: USD12.00

    Tropical evergreen tree bearing kidney-shaped nuts that are edible only when roasted. View Details
  4. Archontophoenix Alexandrae (King Palm, Alexander Palm, Alexandra Palm)
    Archontophoenix Alexandrae Seeds (King Palm Seeds, Alexander Palm Seeds, Alexandra Palm Seeds)

    Starting at: USD2.50

    The Royal Palm must be grown in a glasshouse or a veranda because of its tropical needs. View Details
  5. Arisaema Concinnum (Chinese Cobra Lily)
    Arisaema Concinnum Seeds (Chinese Cobra Lily Seeds)

    Starting at: USD2.90

    Dark purple or green color flowers with matching stripes. View Details
  6. Beaucarnea Guatemalensis (Red Ponytail, Guatamala Ponytail)
    Beaucarnea Guatemalensis Seeds (Red Ponytail Seeds, Guatamala Ponytail Seeds)

    Starting at: USD1.80

    Suitable for growing indoors. Can live for decades. View Details
  7. Bijlia Cana Seeds
    Bijlia Cana Seeds

    Starting at: USD1.90

    Easy to grow. View Details
  8. Cycas Revoluta (King Sago Palm, Cycad)
    Cycas Revoluta Seeds (King Sago Palm Seeds, Cycad Seeds)

    Starting at: USD14.50

    Has a long lifespan. The best climate for this plant is tropical or tempered. It needs a lot of heat in order to stay healthy. View Details
  9. Lipstick Palm Seeds
    Cyrtostachys Renda Seeds (Cyrtostachys Lakka Seeds, Lipstick Palm Seeds)

    Starting at: USD1.90

    It is a beautiful and very different looking palm, one of the most colourful. View Details