Cananga Odorata Seeds (Ylang Ylang Seeds, Ilang Ilang Seeds)

Cananga Odorata Seeds (Ylang Ylang Seeds, Ilang Ilang Seeds)

Cananga odorata is the true Chanel No.5 Perfume Tree. Extremely fragrant flower.
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10 Cananga Odorata Seeds (Ylang Ylang Seeds, Ilang Ilang Seeds)
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Cananga Odorata
Cananga odorata or Ylang ylang is native to Malaysia and Indonesia, but has naturalized throughout most of the larger Pacific Island groups, Northern Australia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Cananga is growing up to 70' tall. Cananga odorata is the true Chanel No.5 Perfume Tree. Will flower in a container. Great tropical flowering tree. Ylang ylang has an extremely fragrant flower. Flowers are used to scent perfumes, cosmetics, lotions and other such products. The scent is also used medicinally for its calming effects. Ylang-Ylang blooms when very young. Its flowers are carried in mass clusters at the end of its elegant drooping branches. Each flower is a beautiful five-point star which begins as white, then green, then turning a rich, golden yellow as the blossoms mature. Some specimens bloom a minimum of two times a year, typically in June to August and near December. Mature specimens are known to bloom and fruit almost continuously all year long. There is a single main trunk that is usually bent to some degree. The bark is smooth and grayish white to silvery. The leaves are dark green, up to 20 cm in length, alternate, simple, entire, elliptic-oblong, slightly pubescent and with a prominent midrib and drip tip. As flowering often occurs year-round, ripe fruits can usually be found at any time. Fruits turn from dark green to black when ripe. There are 6-12, small, pale brown, flattened ovoid seeds in each fruit. Hardiness zones 9-11, (-5øC/25øF, 5øC/40øF) in Winter. Protect from frost or plant in frost free spots. Can be kept as a container plant indoors in the cooler zones. Naturally grows in warm, moist, humid regions. The tree grows best in full sunlight. Ylang-Ylang grows with no particular requirements of soil, water or food. Normal moderate care after establishment is all that is needed. It only tolerates waterlogging for short periods. This species can be found growing in a wide range of soils, from sands to clay loams, and clays.
More Information
Common name ylang-ylang
Species Cananga odorata
Germination Germination speed is increased by an overnight soak in warm water. A standard light, well-drained potting medium is recommended. The germination of fresh seeds is said to be erratic. Germination should occur within months, don't give up.
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