Alpinia Purpurata (Red Ginger)

Alpinia Purpurata Seeds (Red Ginger Seeds)


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Produces beautiful flowers and fruits.


Alpinia purpurata, the Red Ginger, is a rhizomatus perennial from tropical America. There are two varieties, the red, Jungle King and the pink one, Jungle Queen. It grows up to 8 feet tall or more and develops into large clumps. An excellent tropical container plant. Can be used in tropical cut flower arrangement. This is a Ginger with deep red spikes of flowers; the true small white flowers emerge from the bracts of the spike. It blooms repeatedly, year round. It will bloom at 3' but can grow up to 8' or more. The beautiful red flower bract can last up to 3 weeks on the plant. Alpinia purpurata has large shiny green oblong leaves 30-70cm long, 10-22 cm wide. All parts of the plant have a strong gingery fragrance. Hardiness zones 9-11, (5ºC/40ºF, -5ºC/25ºF) in Winter. Grows best above 50°F. The plant prefers humid areas. Requires consistently moist soil; do not let dry out between waterings. The Red Ginger likes a slightly acid soil. Use regular application of palm fertilizer. Grown in full sun to part shade.
Label No
Common name Red Ginger
Family No
Genus No
Species Alpinia purpurata
Cultivar No
Therapeutic uses No
Germination Soak seeds overnight in warm water. Plant 1/2" deep in mixture ofrich soil. Keep warm, moist and in bright light. Germination can be slow.
Scarification / Stratification No

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