Bixa Orellana Seeds (Achiote Seeds)

Bixa Orellana Seeds (Achiote Seeds)

In addition to its famous coloring use, it is used as a general skin tonic and to heal skin conditions.
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Bixa Orellana
The Bixa Orellana is a tree from tropical America regions. It is also called urucum, annatto, or achiote. This fruit is known for its colorants: the or‚line and bixin. This shrub can reach 6 to 8 m height. The fruits are red capsules surrounded by soft spines clusters. Ripe 90 days after flowering, they are harvested after the opening of at least two capsules. The fruit is not edible. After harvest, it is dried in order to remove the wax that surrounds its seeds. The Bixa Orellana contains vitamin E. In addition, it contains a lot of selenium, magnesium and calcium. Use in cooking: The Bixa Orellana is used as a food additive for coloring cheese. It used to color food oils, and for the preparation of Mexican sauces. Hardiness zone: 10-11
More Information
Common name Achiote
Family Bixaceae
Genus Bixa
Species Bixa orellana
Therapeutic uses The leaves appear to have wide ranging applications. The shoots and young leaves are used for feverish infections including gonorrhoea, dysentery and hepatitis. They are believed to protect the liver and reduce cholesterol. The leaves and seeds are also used to soothe an irritated stomach that is suffering from excessively spicy food. An infusion of the flowers are said to be a useful expectorant for new born babies. In some parts of the Amazon Annatto is used as a treatment for snakebites. Internally it is said to fight parasites and allies the pains derived from intestinal parasites. Externally the extract of the seeds wards off insects and protects the skin against the ultraviolet rays of the sun. It is also used as a general skin tonic and to heal skin conditions. The leaves have a marked effect on the urinary system and increase the volume of urine in cases of renal insufficiency or cystitis. They are also said to reduce benign prostate hyperplasia and generally reputed to have anti-tumor activity, which are thought to be due to the high anti-oxidant activity of the carotenoid compounds Bixin and Norbixin, which are also the source of the red pigment Annatto is known for. These carotenoides have also been found to lower blood sugar levels and have been used for the treatment of diabetes in traditional medicine systems.
Germination Sow your seeds in a box or in small pots.

Cover the seeds with about 1cm of soil, tamp with your hands and water with a sprayer.

Renew the water every three days if needed.

The seeds will raise within two and six weeks.

To increase speed and germination, scarify and soak the seeds for 24 hours in warm water.

As soon as the seedlings are strong, transplant them into small pots.
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