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Borojoa Patinoi Seeds (Borojo Seeds)


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Tree lives with 85% humidity in the air. Its fruits are rich in calcium.


Borojoa patinoi, called the Borojó Tree. It is a native of the rainforests of Colombia, Ecuador and Panama. In its natural habitat, the Borojó Tree lives with 85% humidity in the air. The tree reaches 3-5 meters high. The Borojó Tree is cultivated for its fruits rich in calcium. They have 7-12 cm in diameter and their color is green. The pulp of these fruits is acid and very dense. It is also brown. Each fruit contains hundreds of seeds. They are ready to consume when they fall off the branches. The uses of the Borojó fruits vary from juice, ice cream, capsules and jelly. The trunk of the tree is small and sometimes separated in two or three smaller trunks. The trunk is grey-brown and harsh. The tree is an evergreen. The foliage is dark green and the leaves have a smooth texture. Hardiness zones 10-11 (1°C/35°F, 4°C/40°F) in winter. The Borojó Tree can resist small periods of frost and even floods. It needs an average temperature of 28°C. The tree enjoys moderate light. It requires good watering, don’t let the soil dry out. You may fertilize monthly with a balanced fertilizer.
Label No
Common name Borojo
Family No
Genus No
Species Borojoa patinoi
Cultivar No
Therapeutic uses No
Germination Use a mix of humus and soil to ensure the least drainage. Plant the seeds in a pot, keep soil humid and use a fertilizer weekly until the tree reaches at least 30 cm high. Then you can replant it. Keep the soil extra humid and you can even spray water on the leaves to recreate a humid environment. Place your plant in mid-shade. Seeds will go into dormancy if the temperature is below 30°C, don’t get discouraged.
Scarification / Stratification No

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