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Flat-Topped Aeonium Seeds (Aeonium Tabuliforme)

Flat-Topped Aeonium Seeds (Aeonium Tabuliforme)

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Aeonium tabuliforme is a succulent plant of the family Crassulaceae.
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Aeonium tabuliforme is a succulent plant of the family Crassulaceae. This famous very flat and very wide aeonium is native to the Canary Islands: there often grows to the vertical on the volcanic cliffs. This beautiful aeonium easily cultivated in indoor plant, the conditions of the house correspond fairly well to its needs, but it is a short-lived plant that lives on average 2 to 3 years. Aeonium tabuliforme forms a rosette of leaves very flat only a few cm in height, but widening up to 50 cm in diameter. She appears as a plate, whose pale green leaves, flat hair and draw a geometric spiral pattern. The leaves are thinner than most succulents. The base for leaf widens with age, with a small depression in the central bud. After 2-4 years of cultivation flat rosette changes: the center of the plant thickens, a sign that aeonium tabuliforme between flowering phase. The plant is monocarpic, it will bloom, ensure its descent through seed production, and then die. The flower stalk rises by 50 cm. Very branched, it is covered with small yellow flowers star.
More Information
More Information
Common name Flat-Topped Aeonium
Family Crassulaceae
Genus Aeonium
Species Aeonium tabuliforme
Therapeutic uses Aeonium tabuliforme request an average temperature of 20 to 30 ø C in summer and is maintained between 12 and 15 ø C in winter. They are grown in a mixture draining, for example 1/3 non calcareous sand, 1/3 compost and 1/3 garden soil non-calcareous or peat. The plant likes to be watered with fresh water all year, leaving almost dry the mix between waterings. The water should never be in contact with the top of the rosette, because this tight rosette leaves rot on contact with water. On its natural cliffs, the plant is veneered vertically, culture Aeonium tabuliforme can also be backed vertically, roots growing between two stones, which avoids the problem of water in the heart of the rosette. Aeonium does not support the direct sun that burns. It is maintained in a light shade.
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