Ariocarpus Furfuraceus Seeds

Ariocarpus Furfuraceus Seeds


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Ariocarpus furfuraceus is a cactus of the genus Ariocarpus, which can be found in the state of Coahuila in northern Mexico. It is considered by some authors as synonymous with Ariocarpus retusus.


Ariocarpus furfuraceus is a cactus from Coahuila state, in north Mexico. It might be a Ariocarpus retusus synonym. Solitary, slow-growing geophyte cactus, with tubercles slightly projecting above ground level. The large tuberous body is below the soil. This genre has long been considered a very difficult or impossible culture, but it is a misconception. This reputation comes from the extreme slowness with which species of this genus grow.
Label Ariocarpus furfuraceus
Common name
Family Cactaceae
Genus Ariocarpus
Species Ariocarpus furfuraceus
Cultivar No
Therapeutic uses No
Germination Coming soon.
Scarification / Stratification No

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