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Coryphantha Bumamma Seeds

Coryphantha Bumamma Seeds
Produces an abundant amount of wool. This will wash off if watered from above but will re-grow again...
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Coryphantha bumamma (Family Cactaceae) is a very well-known cacti native to Mexico. It grows in subtropical climate, in deep fine volcanic soil, at 450-1400 metres above sea level. The cacti flowers bloom in late summer or early fall. Its pale yellow flowers are sweet smelling. They measure between 5 to 6 cm. Coryphantha bumamma is similar to C. elephantidens but its flowers are much smaller and nearly yellow. Coryphantha bumamma produces an abundant amount of wool. This will wash off if watered from above but will re-grow again. Coryphantha bumamma needs sun to partial shade. It tolerates fairly low temperatures as long as it is kept dry (hardy to -5ø C or less for short periods of time). It is drought tolerant. The cacti needs a very porous soil with good drainage Water regularly but do not overwater. Ideal temperature: 26-30 øC, 78.8 - 86 øF. Coryphantha bumamma is threatened by deforestation from small-holder agriculture and cattle ranching. Hardiness zone: 9-10
More Information
More Information
Label Coryphantha bumamma
Common name Coryphantha
Family Cactaceae
Genus Coryphantha
Species Coryphantha bumamma
Germination Use a good potting mix, amended with half its volume of granite, perlite or pumice for drainage.
The seeds need both light and warmth to germinate. A sunny window is a good location, but be careful the light is not too strong and therefore too hot. Cover seeds with glass or plastic wrap and be sure to wipe away any condensation that may form. When seedlings appear, remove the cover. Do not allow the soil to dry out. The amount of water will depend on how much light and heat the seedlings receive. Watch the seedlings carefully. Do not swamp them in puddled water but do not let them dry out completely.
Seedlings are ready to transplant into larger containers when they are the size of marbles
between 6 months to a year after germination.
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