Calceolaria Purpurea Seeds (Pocketbook Flower Seeds)

Calceolaria Purpurea Seeds (Pocketbook Flower Seeds)

The Calceolaria Purpurea plant is covered with fuzz, and is absolutely stunning with its puffy flowers.
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Calceolaria Purpurea
Calceolaria is a genus belonging to the natural order Scrophulariaceae, containing about 150 species of herbaceous or shrubby plants, chiefly natives of the South American Andes of Peru and Chile. The calceolaria of the present day has been developed into a highly decorative plant, in which the herbaceous habit has preponderated. The Calceolaria Purpurea plant is covered with fuzz, and is absolutely stunning with its puffy flowers. The plant is a compound of branched stem with little group of flowers at the end. They grow up to 60cm. The leaves are opposite, pubescent, obovate and toothed. The lower leaves have visible petioles. In contrast, the upper leaves do not have visible petioles and are, therefore, considered sessile. The leaf size decreases as leaves become more distal. Leaves are dull green and pointed. The beautiful bright pink flowers are borne on irregular cymes. The calyx is in 4 parts: the corolla is 2-lipped and pouched, where the upper lip is smaller and the lower lip is much larger and is inflated. They are 2 stamens per flower. Hardiness zones: 6-9 (-20c/-5f, -5c/25f). The Calceolaria Purpurea prefers to be fully exposed to sun. Generally found in level areas or slopes facing north. They are tolerant to somewhat dry areas, where the draught may last 4 - 5 months with precipitations of 400 - 800 mm, concentrated in winter. The plant does not tolerate snow, but can tolerate occasional freezing spells of about - 3§ C (the typical morning frost of central Chile in winter).
More Information
Common name Pocketbook Flower
Species Calceolaria purpurea
Germination Sow the Calceolaria Purpurea seeds directly on the media surface in a plug tray in a finely ground germination mix. Make sure seeds are exposed to light. In addition, make sure media PH ranges from 5.7-6.5. Germinate seed with media temperature of 68F-72F. Germination typically occurs in 8-10 days. Transplant seedlings from the plug tray after 3- 4 weeks when seedlings are large enough to handle.

They should be wintered in a greenhouse with a night temperature of about 40ø, occupying a shelf near the light. By the end of February they should be moved into 8-inch or 10-inch pots, using a compost of three parts good turf loam, one part leaf-mould, and one part thoroughly - rotten manure, with a fair addition of sand. They need plenty of light and air, but must not be subjected to draughts. When the pots get well filled with roots, they must be liberally supplied with manure water. In all stages of growth the plants are subject to the attacks of the green-fly, for which they must be fumigated.
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