Cortaderia Selloana Pink (Pink Pampas Grass)

Cortaderia Selloana Pink Seeds (Pink Pampas Grass Seeds)


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Unsurpassed for glorious texture and color in the landscape, this pink Pampas Grass is the star of any garden it graces!


Cortaderia Selloana is also called 'Feather Pink' or Pampa grass and belongs to the Poaceae/Gramineae (grass Family). This is a tall grass native to southern South America, including the pampas after which it is named, and Patagonia. Dusty-Pink Feathers of Late-Summer Color! Unsurpassed for glorious texture and color in the landscape, this pink Pampas Grass is the star of any garden it graces! This is one of the largest varieties currently available, and is perfect for a medium or a large garden. One of the most popular of all ornamental grasses, pampas grass forms large dense clumps of stiff, flat, narrow leaves. This variety has silky pink plumes that can add flair to dried arrangements. The sturdy, fresh-green bloom stalks reach anywhere from 6 to 12 feet tall, capped by enormous "feather dusters" of brilliant rosy-pink! This ornamental grass blooms in late summer, just when the garden needs a little new color, and lasts for months. Outstanding for fresh arrangements, the blooms are also wonderful if left to mature on the plant, becoming a rich golden-tan with the advent of cool weather. They are also a mainstay of dried arrangements, offering superb vertical accent for any setting from a tall urn in the hallway to a wall display. Hardiness zones : 3-10 (-37c/-35f, 1c/35f) Treat them as tender perennial in zones 3-5, and as hardy in zones 6-10. The Pampas grasses are beautiful plants that require minimal care. They grow best in full sun and prefer well-drained soil that is consistently moist. Instead of cutting back the foliage in the fall, wait until the following spring. It will act as its own protective mulch through the winter months. The plant will resist momentary dryness, with the wind and cold (up to -20°C), but the cold mixed with moisture can be fatal for this plant. Be very careful and wear gloves and long sleeves when handling this grass. It has very sharp edges!
Label No
Common name Pink Pampas Grass
Family No
Genus No
Species Cortaderia selloana
Cultivar Pink
Therapeutic uses No
Germination Do not cover the Cortaderia Selloana seeds with the germinating mix; press the seeds into the surface only. It may be helpful to mix the seed with a very fine sand to make it easier to sow. Water from the bottom so that the seed will not be washed away. Sow the Pampas seeds in flats, cover the flats with plastic to increase humidity and keep them at 70-74° F. Maintain an even level of moisture. It is a good idea to start them in pots. The plants can be transplanted when they reach 3 in tall. If you start later than spring, you would need to keep the plant inside for the first winter to protect them from frost. Germination should occur in 10-20 days, but it may take longer. Be patient!

Note: If you desire a 2 - 3 foot clump, use 100 seeds in a 2 ft diameter area when planting. From seed, it will take 2 or 3 years to bloom, but your patience is richly repaid by long-lived garden performance!

Scarification / Stratification No

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