Drosera Filiformis Tracyi Seeds (Temperate)

Drosera Filiformis Tracyi Seeds (Temperate)

This species differs visually from the more Northern variety by being slightly larger and the glands on the tip of the tentacles are greenish. The Southern Dewthread produces fertile pink flowers in April.
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Drosera Filiformis Tracyi
Drosera filiformis tracyi, the Southern Dewthread, is a temperate Drosera found in the Southern most regions of Mississippi and Alabama, and along the Florida panhandle. It is frequently seen in strikingly large stands along moist roadsides, bogs, and sandy moist depressions in pine woods. Drosera filiformis tracyi is the largest Sundew species in the United States. The Southern Dewthread is large, getting up to 20 inches tall. This species differs visually from the more Northern variety by being slightly larger and the glands on the tip of the tentacles are greenish. The Southern Dewthread produces fertile pink flowers in April. The narrow green leaves are upright and covered with hundreds of tiny green hair-like structures, which are in turn covered by a mucilage in which insects are trapped and then digested. Enzymes are produced by the hairs which dissolve the insect, which is then absorbed by the leaf. Hardiness zones 8-11, (-10øC/15øF, 4øC/40F) in Winter. They should be grown in bright light, but with protection from full midday sun. In cloudy coastal areas, artificial light is a required. The soil should be a mixture of 2 parts peat moss and part sand, or 50/50. Drosera filiformis tracyi appreciates a tall pot. As Winter approaches, Drosera filiformis tracyi will slow down in growth, and one by one, their leaves will turn black. The entire plant will shut down into a small bud called a hibernacula found resting on the soil surface. This is perfectly normal because they require 3-4 months of Winter dormancy, which is triggered by cold temperatures, below 50øF and lower light conditions. The typical heated home is too warm in the Winter. As container plants, they can survive temperatures down to 10øF for brief periods of time during their dormancy. During dormancy, they won't require any light. However, they still require water, so make sure their soil never dries out. Keep your pot in no more than a quarter inch of water. Requires consistently moist soil; do not let dry out between waterings. Water must be distilled or rain water because they do not tolerate city or hard water. It is a good idea to place a pie pan or large saucer, with about an inch of water in it, under the pot. Elevate the pot by placing pebbles under it so that the base of the pot is barely in contact with the water, not submerged; the growing medium must stay moist, but never soggy. This will keep the humidity around the plant higher and it will ensure that the plant has a constant source of moisture. The humidity should be between 60-80%.
More Information
Common name the Southern Dewthread
Species Drosera filiformis
Cultivar Tracyi
Germination The seeds require 6 weeks cold stratification. Sow directly on the surface of your moist but not soaked soil mix. Do not cover them with any medium, the seeds are really tiny. Once it's time to take the seeds out of cold stratification, cover the top of the pot with clear plastic so the humidity will remain high, place them in an area with real nice strong light and keep the temperature around 20øC/68øF, 25øC / 80øF. Make sure to be gentle at all time with the new seedling, to not destroy it, it is very small.

When you see some tiny plants starting to sprout, slowly open the top of the pot, a little each day, so that the new seedlings don't go into shock from the humidity being lowered too quickly. After cold stratification, germination usually occurs in 1 to 3 months, but it can take longer, depending on their degree of unbroken dormancy, don't give up. Be gentle with the new seedlings, not to destroy anything. Make sure that it gets good air circulation.
Scarification / Stratification It creates a cold and moist environment for the seeds. This will break their dormancy. Place the seeds on top of a prepared soil mix. The pot is then placed into a ziplock bag with approximately an inch of water on the bottom of the bag. Close the bag shut and place it into the salad crisper compartment of your refrigerator. Make sure to check the seeds often. If fungus or mold appears treat it with a fungicide.
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