Hedychium Gracile Seeds (Salmon Gingerlily Seeds)

Hedychium Gracile Seeds (Salmon Gingerlily Seeds)

They are sweetly scented, the scent being most pronounced towards evening.
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10 Hedychium Gracile Seeds (Salmon Gingerlily Seeds)
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Hedychium Gracile
Hedychium Gracile also known as Ginger Hedychium, Griffithianum syn Gracile, Tiny White Ginger or Salmon Ginger lily and belongs to the Zingiberaceae family. They grow in East Asia and India. The Hedychium is great for that perfect grace note to your tropical garden. The botanical name tells you almost all you need to know about this lovely Ginger. With slender arching stems than some other ginger, it bears, in summer, cylindrical spikes of delightful, pure white, filamentous petals just like others, but the prominent pistils are a striking salmon pink. As dusk approaches, these become beautifully fragrant. This Ginger is smaller than the others are, it grows up to 1.2m and would be an ideal subject for a conservatory. The Hedychium Gracile blooms in September and, sometimes, they bloom twice in a season. The flowers are hermaphrodite (have both male and female organs). They are sweetly scented, the scent being most pronounced towards evening. Hardiness zones : 9-11(-5c/25f, 1c/35f). Hedychium Gracile requires a rich, moist, well-drained soil and a sunny position. They can grow in a sunny border as a summer sub-tropical bedding plant. The plants are not very hardy; they tolerate temperatures down to about -2øc and can grow at the foot of a south-facing wall in the milder areas, if provided with good mulch in the winter. The tubers should be cover with only a few inches of soil. Most of the plants, grown in gardens, need fertilizers in order to see them at their best. For this plant, the suggested fertilizer program would be based upon a typical mix of: 3 parts Nitrogen (N), 2 parts Phosphorous (P) and 3 parts Potassium (K). It is better to grow this one in a conservatory or heated greenhouse although it will happily spend the summer months outdoors in light shade.
More Information
Common name Salmon Gingerlily
Species Hedychium gracile
Germination Hedychium Gracile seeds will usually germinate in 20-25 days. Sow seeds about 2mm deep in a Peaty seed sowing mix at about 22øC. Keep the mix moist but not wet. Prick out the seedlings into individual pots when they are large enough to handle and grow them on for at least their first winter in the greenhouse. Keep the plants well watered. Plant out in late spring after the last expected frosts. Germination can take longer. Be patient!

Propagation: Division as growth commences in the spring. Dig up the clump and divide it with a sharp spade or knife, making sure that each division has a growing shoot. Larger clumps can be sow out directly into their permanent positions, but it is best to pot up the smaller divisions and grow them on in a greenhouse until they are established. Plant them out in the summer or late in the following spring.
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