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Amaranthus Cruentus Tower Green Seeds

Amaranthus Cruentus Tower Green Seeds
An utterly unique plant habit, with an unbelievably floriferous, long-blooming season!
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Amaranthus cruentus tower green belongs to the Amaranthaceous family, which originates from Central America and now found worldwide. Amaranthus, collectively known as amaranth or pigweed, is a cosmopolitan genus of herbs. Although several species are often considered weeds, people around the world value amaranths as leaf vegetables, cereals, and ornamentals. An utterly unique plant habit, with an unbelievably floriferous, long-blooming season! This Amaranthus will make visitors do a double take, and its design possibilities are almost endless. The Tower green creates an instant focal point for the annual bed or border, and is at home among small shrubs and foliage plants as well. This plant ranges from 3 1/2 feet tall (at its central "tower") to about 27 inches at the secondary flower spikes. Each bloom column measures 16 to 20 inches long and several inches thick, every iota of space jammed with rich color. The stems are fascinating in fresh arrangements, and can be dried for winter-long color as Everlastings. They look like topiary, but these velvety columns never need shearing! The foliage is striking, too -- if you can take your eyes off the blooms long enough to see it! Hardiness zones: Any. The Tower green is a sun-loving annual that grows readily in any well-drained soil, and is drought resistant. This Cathedral type Amaranthus, produces 18?24" spikes, that matured in approximately 100-120 days from a direct sowing.
More Information
More Information
Common name Amaranth
Species Amaranthus cruentus
Cultivar Tower Green
Germination Sow seeds about 2mm deep in a Peaty seed sowing mix at about 22øC. Keep the soil moist but not over watered. They should germinate in about 10-15 days, but it could take longer. The tower red plant is easily grown in a dry, sunny location and poor soil for the best color. Water the plants sparingly after they are established. They do not like wet roots. The seeds can be eaten as a cereal grain. They are black in the wild plant, and white in the domesticated form. They are ground into flour, popped like popcorn, cooked into porridge, and made into a confectionery called alegr¡a. The leaves can be cooked like spinach, and the seeds can be germinated into nutritious sprouts. While A. cruentus is no longer a staple food, it is still grown and sold as a health food.
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