Calceolaria Paralia Seeds (Slipperwort Flower Seeds)

Calceolaria Paralia Seeds (Slipperwort Flower Seeds)

This plant is absolutely fantastic! This is a unique, slipper-like yellow flower, on compact mounded plant.
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12-15 Calceolaria Paralia Seeds (Slipperwort Flower Seeds)
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Calceolaria Paralia
Calceolaria paralia is better known as Yellow Slipperflower and belongs to the Scrophulariaceae family. The Calceolaria is native of the South American Andes of Peru and Chile. The calceolaria of the present day has been developed into a highly decorative plant, in which the herbaceous habit has preponderated. This plant is absolutely fantastic! This is a unique, slipper-like yellow flower, on compact mounded plant. The annual plants covered with reddish fuzz all over, reaches 50cm in height. This fern lowering potted plant is perfect for bedding, container planting, group or mass planting, or as an indoor plant. They bloom in summer and have evergreen foliage. The leaves are fuzzy, about 20 cm long, odd shapes with reddish veins, green and reddish brown color, and they have lines running from the middle to the tip. They are opposite, pubescent, soft and flexible. The flowers are produced in pairs, and they are small, about 2cm, yellow with to light red stripe on the side, and shaped like a slipper, born out of a bud of 4 leaves that opens when it blooms and then the slipper unfurl and hangs from the 4 furry leaves of the bud. Once open the sleeper bottom part has a red stripe on each side adding a nice touch of color to the funny looking plants. Hardiness zones: 6-9 (-20c/-5f, -5c/25f). The Calceolaria paralia will grow in any soil but not in a soil low in iron. They love to grow on rocks, in full sun or little shade. The plant tolerates low temperatures (-5§ C), and can tolerate occasional snow cover for up to a couple of weeks per year.
More Information
Common name Slipperwort Flower
Species Calceolaria paralia
Germination Sow seed directly on the media surface in a plug tray in a finely ground germination mix. Make sure seeds are exposed to light. Keep the mix moist but not over watered. In addition, make sure media PH ranges from 5.7-6.5. Germinate seed with media temperature of 68F-72F. Germination typically occurs in 8-10 days. Transplant seedlings from the plug tray after 3-4 weeks when seedlings are large enough to handle. The germination can take longer. Be patient!

They should be wintered in a greenhouse with a night temperature of about 40ø, on a shelf near the light. By the end of February, move them into 8-10 in pots, using a compost of 3 parts good turf loam, 1 part leaf-mould, and 1 part thoroughly - rotten manure, with a fair addition of sand. They need plenty of light and air, but must not be subjected to draughts. When the pots get well filled with roots, they must be liberally supplied with manure water. In all stages of growth the plants are subject to the attacks of the green-fly, for which they must be fumigated. The plants will start to flower in ten months from sowing.
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