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Daylily Tetraploid Seeds Hybrids Mix

Daylily Tetraploid Seeds Hybrids Mix
There is 20 hybridized species in this mix. You will obtain the most beautiful hemerocallis.
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5 Daylily Tetraploid Seeds Hybrids Mix
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SKU Hémérocalles Hybrides Tétraploîdes (En Mélange)
Daylilies are your best initial perennial plant investment. Daylilies are easy to grow, healthy, long lived garden plants and multiplying without much care. This is a mix of Tetraploid Hemerocallis hybrids. You wont know exactly how they will look like until you actually see the progeny. There is 20 hybridized species in this mix. You will obtain the most beautiful hemerocallis. Those Daylilies can yield large to small sized flowers, fragrant or not. They can be of any color, with different color eye zones and edges. The plants can bloom early in season or very late, and maybe rebloom. Fertile both ways; its pollen is capable of producing viable seeds on other Daylilies, and it will set viable seeds from other pollen. Hardiness zones 6-11, (-20øC/-5øF, 5øC/40øF) in Winter. Daylilies will grow well in almost any soil, the best performance will occur in soil that is high in organic matter, drains well and has a neutral pH. Fertilize occasionally. Water frequently, but not too generously at one time. Except in extreme soggy situations, extra water means more blooms and a longer season of bloom. Place in direct to indirect sun light. For the best blooming, plant in an area that receives 6 hours of sun per day.
More Information
More Information
Species Hemerocallis
Cultivar Tetraploid Hybrids
Germination Daylily seeds need at least three weeks chill treatment for best germination. Since they are kept refrigerated, they are ready to plant. It's best not to freeze them. Plant the seeds about a half inch deep in soil that is high in organic matter and has a neutral pH, keep moist. Best is to cover the seeds with 1/4 inch horticultural perlite. Let perlite dry between waterings. The germination is improved when seeds are sown in a well-draining potting soil in a semi-shaded area. Daylilies germinate best at about 50§F to 60§F and temperatures over 80§F will supress germination. Allow at least 2 months for the first sprout to appear and at least six months for the last to appear.
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