Guzmania Teuscheri Seeds

Guzmania Teuscheri Seeds

The ornamental plant is best suited to warm temperate, relatively high humidity and tropical areas...
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Guzmania Teuscheri
Guzmania Teuscheri is a species of perennial plant in the Bromeliaceae family. It is native to the rainforests in Ecuador and is widely distributed in Pichincha province. The ornamental plant is best suited to warm temperate, relatively high humidity and tropical areas. Guzmania Teuscheri is an epiphytic bromeliad that forms a large rosette of broad, green to reddish leaves and a dense inflorescence with a maroon stalk and golden yellow bracts. The leaves collect rainwater and the plant receives nourishment in its natural environment from decomposing leaves and droppings from birds and other animals. The combination of dense inflorescence, globose spikes and tough persistent sepals distinguishes Guzmania teuscheri from other species of the genus. It is also distinguished by its rounded leaf-tips, the dense whitish scales of leaves and bracts, and the shorter inflorescence and primary bracts. Guzmania care is easy. Place distilled or filtered water in the central cup of the plant and replace frequently to keep it from rotting. Keep the potting mix moist during the spring and the summer months. Potted bromeliads need a very fast-draining growing medium. Commercial cactus and succulent mixes are available or you can use a good compost, one part coarse builder's sand, and one part perlite. Or even simpler, use two-thirds compost to one-third coarse sand. Just avoid any that contain a lot of peat moss or other components that will hold too much water for too long a time. A bromeliad does not have a large root system and does not need a large pot. A 4-6 inch diameter is adequate. Clay pots are good for planting where growing conditions are humid since they are porous and dry quickly; plastic pots work well where the air is drier. Hardiness zone: 10-15
More Information
Label Guzmania teuscheri
Common name Guzmania
Family Bromeliaceae
Genus Guzmania
Species Guzmania teuscheri
Germination Seeds can be sown in pots or nursery flats on a surface of moist sphagnum moss. Because seeds are sown on the surface, a glass cover should be placed over the pot or flat to maintain a high humidity and prevent the medium from drying out too rapidly. Bromeliad seeds require bright, indirect light and temperatures of 70F to 80F to survive. It typically takes 10 to 14 days for plant growth to become visible.
Seedlings are usually left in the propagation container until they are 1« and 2 inches tall and then transplanted directly to small pots. Because plants grown from seeds normally require 3 to 6 years to reach maturity, sexual propagation takes more patience than vegetative propagation.
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