Nymphaea Juno Seeds (White Lotus Seeds)

Nymphaea Juno Seeds (White Lotus Seeds)

This showy plant is old fashion, a real heritage and very fragrant too. The flowers are 8 to 12 inches across and are produced most freely throughout the summer into early fall.
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15+ Nymphaea Juno Seeds (White Lotus Seeds)
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Nymphaea Juno
Under standardized plant names the old variety NymphaeaDentataSuperba became Juno. It is really the most perfect modern flower developed by cultivation from the sacred Lotus of Egyptian tradition. It was introduced in 1906 and has been an outstanding night bloomer variety for decades! The cultivar, 'Juno' has white flowers and sepals. This showy plant is old fashion, a real heritage and very fragrant too. The flowers are 8 to 12 inches across and are produced most freely throughout the summer into early fall. The flowers open very wide, almost flat. The stamens are saffron yellow in color. They open in the late afternoon and stay open while the day bloomers are closed until late in the early morning. Moonlight makes it a most unusual sight whereas the pure white blossoms appear to glow! The leaves of these plants are individually supported on leaf stalks called petioles. The leaves are 12 by 13 inch, green, and are blotched purple with brownish purple undersides. They can spread from 5 to 6 feet wide. Hardiness zones : 4 ? 10(-32c/-25f, 1c/35f). The Nymphaea Juno is good in any size pool. Commonly referred to as "Water Lilies", these plants have adapted to living in total water environment. The water lily blossoms vary greatly in color and size. They enjoy neutral to alkaline water and grow best in full sun, but will do well in part sun too. Planting should be done in water no cooler than 75 degrees F. If the water is too cool the plant will enter a dormant state. The following planting times correspond to each hardiness zone; for Zone 4 plant in mid to late June, Zone 5 plant in early to mid June, Zone 6 plant in late May to early June, Zone 7 plant mid to late May, Zone 8 plant in mid April, Zone 9 plant in early April and for Zone 10 plant March through April.
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Label Nymphaea juno
Species Nymphaea juno
Germination The seeds can be sprouted in warm water and potted individually, but others prefer to plant them before they sprout. The number of seeds determines the container size, everything from small pots to dish pans to small ponds. Put a layer of any good growing medium in the bottom, add water to the brim, level and compact the soil once it has settled from filling with water. Then distribute the seeds as evenly as possible over the soil and drizzle a thin layer of white sand, through the water, over the seeds. This helps to anchor them and to see them as they sprout. Adding water after putting the seeds are put in can dislodge them, as can placing the container in a pond, so do it carefully.

When the seedlings have made several floating leaves in smaller containers, carefully dig them up and pot them individually. In small ponds designed for seedlings, let the plants grow to blooming stage and then remove them, either to propagate or discard, making more space for still developing seedlings. Germination can take longer. Be patient!
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