Saintpaulia Seeds (African Violet Seeds)

Saintpaulia Seeds (African Violet Seeds)

Essential thing for blooms is bright, indirect light.
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10 Saintpaulia Seeds (African Violet Seeds)
100 Saintpaulia Seeds (African Violet Seeds)
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The African violet, Saintpaulia is an evergreen plant originally from tropical East Africa and can height 6 inches. Every flower form and color in the African Violet family is represented in this mix, bicolors, doubles, and more. African violets develop abundant flowers and beautiful foliage and are also tough and durable. This is a very popular houseplant. You'll get single, semi-double, and double-flowered blooms of 2 inches in early Spring to late Winter. Blooms of deep purple, lilac, pink, red, and white, all with a tiny buttery center. The flowers have 5 unequal corolla lobes. These 1 1/2 to 2 inch blooms arise in clusters above handsome, heavily textured dark green foliage. Blooming just 5 to 6 months from sowing. The most essential thing for blooms is bright, indirect light. Hardiness zone 11, (4øC/40øF) in Winter. African violets grow best with night temperatures around 55øF, and day temperatures of 60 to 80øF. Under prolonged high temperatures, growth and flowering are affected. They will stop growing when the thermometer dips below 55øF. The temperature of the average home is well suited to growing most African violets. Do not expose plants to direct sunlight. An important characteristic of this plant is its ability to grow and flower under low light intensities, like those found in the average home, which makes them excellent house plants. They prefer indirect sunlight most of the day, but since most homes do not possess enough natural light to support proper growth, supplemental light is usually required. If light is too low, the leaves become thinner and deeper in color than those receiving high levels of light. Excessive light levels will make the leaves look pale or light green, and growth is reduced. Commercially prepared packaged soil mixtures are available for African violets. Soil mixtures should have a pH of about 6.0 to 6.5 for best results. A soil mixture can be prepared by mixing equal volumes of soil, peat moss, and horticultural perlite. Good drainage is very important for African violets. There are several fertilizers on the market made especially for African violets. As a general rule, water should be applied when the soil surface feels dry to the touch, but before it becomes hard. Avoid wetting the leaves since it will promote fungal diseases.
More Information
Common name African Violet
Species Saintpaulia
Germination Sow the tiny seeds on top of moist growing medium, such as potting soil, keep moist, and provide plenty of light. Germination normally begins about 12 to 14 days after the seed are planted. Relatively high temperatures, 70-80øF, are required for seed germination.
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