Wildflower Seeds Mix : Mountain Flowers (America)

Wildflower Seeds Mix : Mountain Flowers (America)

Many of the varieties do well in higher elevations with limited moisture. This mix is formulated for all Western elevations around 7,000 feet.
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Wildflower Mix : Mountain
Mountain wildflower mix is designed to do exceptionally well in the mountain areas of the U.S. The mix consists of 23 species, annuals and biennials or perennials which mean the mix will provide a maximum of assorted colors during the first year and prosper for many following years. Many of the varieties do well in higher elevations with limited moisture. This mix is formulated for all Western elevations around 7,000 feet. Hardiness zones: 3-7 (-37øC/-35øF, -15øC/ 5øF) in winter. The northeast region summer temperatures are around 80-94øF (26-34øC) during the day and around 62-70øF (16-21øC) at night. The flowers can thrive with less than 10 in. or up to 40 in. of rain per year. They bloom from late spring to summer, and prefer full sun but can grow in afternoon shade. The flowers do well in average to sandy garden soil. They are also very attractive to friendly visitors, like butterflies and hummingbirds. Do not fertilize wildflowers unless the soil is extremely depleted of nutrients. Fertilizers encourage weed growth and lush foliage rather than flowers. If the soil needs improvement, we suggest adding organic matter such as weed-free grass clippings, well rotted compost or peat moss. The wild flowers need to be watered regularly during the summer to keep the plants at their peak. Like most flowers, this mix will do best in full sun, but it will perform in partial shade (at least 8 hours of sunlight per day preferred). To aid in natural reseeding and to keep a neat appearance, you can mow the flowers after they have gone to seed and lost their bloom. Mow them at a height of 4-6 inches-mowing below 3 inches could damage the perennial flowers.
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Common name Wildflower Mix : Mountain Flowers (America)
Species Wildflower mix
Germination First remove existing vegetation to avoid competition from other plants. This may be done by pulling, tilling under, or spraying with a general herbicide. Next prepare the seed bed by raking the soil to a maximum of one inch. Shallow soil preparation will limit disturbance of dormant weed seed. After your ground is cleared and weed free, you will apply your seed. For small areas, broadcast the seed by hand. For larger areas we recommend using a carrier such as clean, dry sand to help in even distribution. Use a ratio of 2 parts sand to 1 part seed when broadcasting or using a drop or cyclone seeder. Lightly cover the seed no more than 1/4 of an inch by raking or dragging. All seeds, including wildflowers, need ample moisture to germinate and develop into healthy seedlings. Best results will be obtained by soaking the planted areas thoroughly and maintain consistent moisture for 4-6 weeks; then gradually reducing the watering. If you can't water, plant the seeds prior to rain season. Fall plantings should be done late enough so that the seeds do not germinate until spring. In mild climates, plant in the cooler months of the year, fall through spring. Early plantings should be done when warm spring weather and adequate rainfall will accelerate germination
and seed growth.
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