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Wildflower Seeds Mix : Southeastern Flowers (America)

Wildflower Seeds Mix : Southeastern Flowers (America)
The rich biodiversity of the southeast is reflected in this premium blend of Southern favorites, and has made this mix a big success all over the region.
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2,000 Wildflower Seeds Mix (Southeast Flower Seeds, America)
500 Wildflower Seeds Mix (Southeast Flower Seeds, America)
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The rich biodiversity of the southeast is reflected in this premium blend of Southern favorites, and has made this mix a big success all over the region. Geared to the varied soils and long growing season of the south, this mixture offers quick color the first year from annuals, plus a strong increase of bloom from perennials in years thereafter. Our balanced mixture of wild annual and perennial flower seeds will do well anywhere in these zones. Depending on your exact location, certain wildflowers will do better than others, but because of the large species count in the mixtures (21), you should have a good show of season-long color no matter where you plant. Hardiness zones: 5-10 (-26øC/-15øF, 1øC/35øF) in winter. The Southeast region has an average temperature in the summer around 86-94øF (30-34øC) during the day, and 66-75øF (19-24øC) at night. Even though the south has heavy heat through summer, it does not "brown down" in the same way west Texas and the Pacific coast do once mid-summer arrives. The south stays green and in bloom, thanks to adequate rainfall through the summer and into fall. The Southeast is a combination of several "floristic" regions witch makes it a wonderful habitat for wildflowers. This entire area experiences moderate rains fairly evenly throughout the year. To aid in natural reseeding and to keep a neat appearance, you can mow the flowers after they have gone to seed and lost their bloom. Mow them at a height of 4-6 inches-mowing below 3 inches could damage the perennial flowers.
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More Information
Common name Wildflower Mix : Southeastern Flowers
Species Wildflower mix
Germination Because of the mild temperatures, Southeastern wild gardeners can plant in either spring or fall. Late March through April is best for spring, and early October into November is best for putting in fall plantings.The most common mistake when planting wildflower seeds is not getting rid of the existing weed and native grass seeds that are in the soil. First, choose a site in full sun. To get rid of existing weeds, hand-cultivate the soil to a depth of 1 in. and remove all weeds. Before sowing the wildflower seeds, rake the soil to form shallow grooves. To ensure even distribution of seed, mix with four times its volume of sand or vermiculite and broadcast by hand. Then rake the seed lightly into the soil and tamp it for good soil contact. If rains don't come, water to keep soil moist until plants begin to grow. After plants are established water only as necessary. When the plants have dried and dropped their seed, cut old stalks to 3 to 6 inches high.
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