Helianthus Autumn Beauty Seeds Mix (Sunflower Flower Seeds)

Helianthus Autumn Beauty Seeds Mix (Sunflower Flower Seeds)

The sunflower plants will start to bloom in late summer and keep blooming until the frost starts.
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Helianthus Autumn Beauty
You can enjoy the inspiring beauty of fall colors throughout the summer with this multi-branching sunflower variety. With all the colors of a hardwood forest in autumn and their long stems, they are excellent for cut flowers and look absolutely stunning in vases on their own. Each plant produces numerous bold, beautiful flowers in a variety of autumn shades over an extended period. The sunflower plants will start to bloom in late summer and keep blooming until the frost starts. Some plants may have as many as 20 blooms or more open at one time. Each plant bursts forth with multiple 6-8 inch flowers in a showy mixture of solid and bi-colors in shades of yellow, gold, and burgundy, around chocolate brown centers. These bushy plants will grow approximately 5 feet high and they sometime need staking for support. The autumn beauty mix can be used to make a tall annual hedge, or you could plant them at the back of the border. They're a must-have flower for children. Harvest bouquets in early morning or late afternoon hours. Collect flowers that are the almost completely open. Remove leaves below water line. The cut flowers have a vase life of 6 to 10 days. Sequential plantings every 2--4 weeks apart will provide continuous color and bouquets. Overhead watering is not recommended. Hardiness zones : 3-9, (-37c/-35f, -5c/25f). The sunflower requires full sun, and is adapted to a wide range of soil types but prefers well drained soil with a ph of 6.5---7.5. Fertilizer should coincide with plants needs & general health. The sunflowers need water when the top 3 in of soil is dry.
More Information
Common name Sunflower
Species Helianthus annuus
Cultivar Autumn Beauty
Germination Direct sow in early spring after the danger of frost has passed. The seeds can be sown as late as 100 days before killing frost. Sow the seed at 1/2 inch deep and keep the soil moist until they sprout. They should germinate in 7-30 days but sometime it takes longer. The optimum soil temperature for germination is 68øF--ð86øF. The first blooms appear 60--90 days after emergence. Be patient!

Notes: What is usually called the flower is actually a head (formally composite flower) of numerous flowers (florets) crowded together. The outer flowers are the ray florets and can be yellow, maroon, orange, or other colors, and are sterile. The florets inside the circular head are called disc florets. The disc florets mature into what are traditionally called "sunflower seeds", but are actually the fruit (an achene) of the plant. The true seeds are encased in an inedible husk.

Sunflowers in the bud stage exhibit heliotropism. At sunrise, the faces of most sunflowers are turned towards the east. Over the course of the day, they move to track the sun from east to west, while at night they return to an eastward orientation. This motion is performed by motor cells in the pulvinus, a flexible segment of the stem just below the bud. As the bud stage ends, the stem stiffens and the blooming stage is reached. Now the stem is frozen, typically in an eastward orientation. The stem and leaves lose their green color. The wild sunflower typically does not turn toward the sun; its flowering heads may face many directions when mature. However, the leaves typically exhibit some heliotropism.
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