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Althaea Officinalis Seeds (Marshmallow Seeds )


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Medicinal plant used as a soothing cream. Originally used for cooking marshmallow.


Althaea officinalis (Marshmallow, Marsh Mallow, or Common Marshmallow) is a species indigenous to Africa, which is used as a medicinal plant and ornamental plant. A confection made from the root since ancient Egyptian time evolved into today's marshmallow treat.
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Common name Marshmallow
Family Malvaceae
Genus Althaea
Species Althaea officinalis
Cultivar No
Therapeutic uses The leaves, flowers and root tea, or tinctures and syrups are good for asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis, internal and external inflammations, and also act as a stimulant for digestive and immune systems. The poultices from the leaves are used to treat skin inflammations, wounds, bruises and insect bite. Both root and leaf Infusions are administered for tooth-ache, coughs, diarrhea, ulcers, impotence and lung infections.
Germination Fill a container with drainage holes with potting mix. Place the stratified seeds and sand on the top of the mix. Keep the container moist by covering it with a tent made of toothpicks and plastic wrap.
Keep the container in a sunny yet cool area. Wait until after the last frost to transplant the seedlings outside.
Scarification / Stratification Stratify the seeds in midwinter, as they need a period of cool weather that mimics life in the wild to germinate. Place a small amount of damp sand in a plastic bag and mix the seeds with the sand. Let the bag stand at room temperature for a day to absorb the moisture. Place it in the refrigerator for a month to six weeks. Shake the bag occasionally, and if you see germination beginning, immediately plant.

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