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  1. Leontopodium Alpinum - Edelweiss
    Edelweiss Seeds (Leontopodium Alpinum Seeds)

    Starting at: USD1.60

    Herbaceous perennial native to the mountains of Europe. It is the traditional symbol of the Alps and unofficial national flower of Switzerland... View Details
  2. Tamarind Seeds (Tamarindus indica)
    Tamarind Seeds (Tamarindus indica)

    Starting at: USD2.40

    Leguminous tree in the family Fabaceae indigenous to tropical Africa View Details
  3. Utricularia Dichotoma Seeds (Bladderworts Seeds)
    Utricularia Dichotoma Seeds (Bladderworts Seeds)

    Starting at: USD3.30

    This small carnivorous herb of wet areas, is only likely to be seen in nature when in flower. View Details
  4. Water Bush Seeds (Bossiaea aquifolium)
    Water Bush Seeds (Bossiaea aquifolium)

    Starting at: USD1.60

    Species of flowering plant in the pea family Fabaceae. View Details
  5. Yucca Carnerosana Seeds (Giant Spanish Dagger Seeds)
    Yucca Carnerosana Seeds (Giant Spanish Dagger Seeds)

    Starting at: USD3.50

    Has beautiful symmetrical rosettes of leaves. Produces fleshy fruits. View Details