Nymphaea Colorata White (White Pigmy Water Lily)

Nymphaea Colorata White Seeds (White Pigmy Water Lily Seeds)


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Quick description:

Fast growing plant. Very decorative and beautiful aquatic plant.


Nymphaea Colorata White is also called White Pigmy Water Lily. It is an aquatic perennial. The water lily has beautiful decorative flowers and floating leaves than can reach up to 3 metres. Nymphaea Colorata can be planted in aquarium. If you want to get some flowers, we suggest you to make sure that at least 4 leaves are on the surface. Note that the aquarium should be large enough. Other details: Very high moisture needs; suitable for bogs and water gardens Soil pH requirements: 6.1 to 6.5 (mildly acidic) 6.6 to 7.5 (neutral) Hardiness zones: USDA Zone 9a: to -6.6 °C (20 °F) USDA Zone 9b: to -3.8 °C (25 °F) USDA Zone 10a: to -1.1 °C (30 °F) USDA Zone 10b: to 1.7 °C (35 °F) USDA Zone 11: above 4.5 °C (40 °F)
Label No
Common name White Pigmy Water Lily
Family No
Genus No
Species Nymphaea colorata
Cultivar No
Therapeutic uses No
Germination The number of seeds determines the container size, everything from small pots to dish pans to small ponds. Put a layer of soil in the bottom, add water to the brim, level and compact the soil once it has settled from filling with water. Then distribute the seeds as evenly as possible over the soil and drizzle a thin layer of white sand through the water over the seeds. This helps to anchor them and to see them as they sprout. Adding water after putting the seeds are put in can dislodge them, as can placing the container in a pond. So be careful if you need to do so. To keep the water around 80 degrees you can use a heating pad placed under the container. When the seedlings have made several floating leaves in smaller containers, carefully dig them up and pot them individually. In small ponds designed for seedlings, let the plants grow to blooming stage and then remove them, either to propagate or discard, making more space for still developing seedlings. Germination should take 3-4 weeks, but can take longer. Be patient!
Scarification / Stratification No

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