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Pseudophoenix Ekmanii Seeds (Pseudophoenix Seeds)

Pseudophoenix Ekmanii Seeds (Pseudophoenix Seeds)
Very rare
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5 Pseudophoenix Ekmanii Seeds (Pseudophoenix Seeds)
30 Pseudophoenix Ekmanii Seeds (Pseudophoenix Seeds)
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The Pseudophoenix ekmanii common names are Dominican Cherry palm or Cacheo de Oviedo (local name). It belongs to the Arecaceae family. It is a threatened palm tree, native of Dominican Republic. It?s funny shape makes it a very interesting tree. An extremely distinctive evergreen, medium sized, solitary pinnate palm to about 5m tall with dark green, semi-glossy feather-leaved up to 5m long, crown shaft palm. The bottle shaped trunk can be 2 feet thick at its thickest point, grayish-green in color, with distinctive rings. It blooms in late fall or early winter in a yellow-green color, resulting in a large bract of green fruits, of about 2cm. The sap is used for palm wine production, which usually results in the death of the tree, and the seeds are collected for stock feed. Hardiness zones: 10-11 (1øC/35øF, 4øC/40øF) in winter. Plant in a sunny, moist spots. Prefers a limestone based soil. Prefers alkaline to neutral, very well drained soils. That palm can grow in a mildly acidic soil to an alkaline soil. Growth rate is very slow. Can tolerate occasional cold dips to just under freezing. Has good salt tolerance. Water regularly but do not over water. Requires consistently moist soil; do not let it dry out between watering.
More Information
More Information
Common name Cacheo
Species Pseudophoenix ekmanii
Germination For sowing, use peat, coco fiber, or germinate in vitro in gelatin, agar or other medium. Place in a hot place. If the seeds appear dry, soak them in warm water for 1-3 days. It should be moist but not wet. Check weekly for signs of activity by looking for white roots through the plastic. Ensure that the medium does not dry out. The seeds can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 years (or more) to germinate; however, most will sprout after 4-6 weeks, don't give up.
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