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Passiflora Sexflora Seeds (Goatsfoot Seeds)


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Passiflora Sexflora leaves look like bat wings. The plant has small...


Passiflora Sexflora, alsa known as Goatsfoot, is native to Florida, Southern Mexico, the Caribbeans, Antilles and South America. It is commonly found in woods and thickets. Passiflora Sexflora is a moderately herbaceous vine. In order to let Passiflora Sexflora grow at its best, the plant should be placed close to a grate or a wall. Passiflora Sexflora leaves look like bat wings. The plant has small clusters of greenish-white and purple flowers. They bloom between September and November. Passiflora Sexflora fruits are dark violet, bluish berries of 5-9 mm in diameter. Goatsfoot requires full sun or part shade. However, note that there will be less flowers in part shade. The soil must be well-drained but do not overwater. The plant is cold intolerant. Hardiness zone: 10-11
Label Passiflora Sexflora
Common name Goatsfoot
Family Passifloraceae
Genus Passiflora
Species Passiflora Sexflora
Cultivar No
Therapeutic uses No
Germination Rub the passiflora seeds with a piece of fine grit sandpaper. This helps the sprouts break through the hard outer shell. Soak the seeds in warm water for 12 hours. Change the water whenever it cools off.

Fill a plant pot with seed starter potting soil. Leave 1 inch of space between the soil and the rim. Use a 6- to 8-inch diameter pot when germinating several seeds and a 4-inch pot for one or two seeds. Place the pot in room temperature water until the top of the soil is damp.

Poke a 1/4-inch deep hole into the soil with your finger and drop a seed into each hole. Lightly cover the seeds with soil. Place the pot in direct sunlight, and keep the soil moist. Do not let the soil dry out, because this will stop the germination process.

Keep the area warm while the passiflora seeds are germinating. The seeds need heat to sprout. Ideally the temperature during the night should be 68 degrees Fahrenheit, and the daytime temperature should be 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Keeping the temperature a constant 79 degrees Fahrenheit works well too.
Scarification / Stratification No

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