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  1. Tillandsia Ionantha (Bromeliad, Shy Plant)
    Tillandsia Ionantha Seeds (Bromeliad Seeds, Shy Plant Seeds)

    Starting at: USD2.40

    Requires minimal care. Perfect for beginners or busy people. View Details
  2. Torrey Pine (Pinus torreyana)
    Torrey Pine Seeds (Pinus torreyana)

    Starting at: USD4.80

    The rarest pine species in the United States View Details
  3. Tulista Pumila Seeds
    Tulista Pumila Seeds

    Starting at: USD2.90

    succulent plant from the Western Cape, South Africa View Details
  4. Wild Tobacco Seeds (Nicotiana rustica)
    Wild Tobacco Seeds (Nicotiana rustica)

    Starting at: USD1.90

  5. Wisteria Floribunda (Japanese Wisteria)
    Wisteria Floribunda Seeds (Japanese Wisteria Seeds)

    Starting at: USD3.90

    The flowering habit of Japense wisteria is perhaps the most spectacular of the Wisteria family. It sports the longest flower racemes of any wisteria; they can reach nearly half a meter in length. View Details
  6. Zantedeschia Aethiopica Seeds (Calla Lily Seeds, Arum Lily Seeds)
    Zantedeschia Aethiopica Seeds (Calla Lily Seeds, Arum Lily Seeds)

    Starting at: USD1.90

    The striking arum lily "flower" is actually many tiny flowers arranged in a complex spiral pattern on the central column. View Details
  7. Ziziphus Mauritiana  (Indian Jujube)
    Ziziphus Mauritiana Seeds (Indian Jujube Seeds)

    Starting at: USD1.90

    Flowers are white or greenish white and the fruits are orange to brown, 2–3 cm long, with edible white pulp. View Details