Tigridia Pavonia White Seeds (Tiger Flower Seeds)

Tigridia Pavonia White Seeds (Tiger Flower Seeds)


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It is a Summer grower, dormant in Winter. Well suited to growing in containers.


Tigridia pavonia alba, the Tiger Flower, is a perennial Iridaceae that height 18" to 36". Tigridia pavonia is native to Mexico and semitropical to semialpine. It is a Summer grower, dormant in Winter. Well suited to growing in containers. Individual blooms are relatively short lived, but produced in succession. The triangular blooms are vivid shades of white to pink, yellow, and red; however, seed collected are from white flowered plants. They commence growth in Spring and generally die back during Autumn. The flowers are hermaphrodite, they have both male and female organs. The bright green foliage is also attractive. The foliage is sword shaped, held in a fan with leaves 10 to 12 inches long. Hardiness zones 8-11, (-10°C/15°F, 4°C/40°F) in Winter. Tiger Flower prefers a sunny site and fertile, well-drained, light soil. Likes plenty of moisture in the growing season. It cannot grow in the shade.
Label No
Common name Tiger Flower
Family No
Genus No
Species Tigridia pavonia
Cultivar White
Therapeutic uses No
Germination Seed should be surface sown on pots of sterilized sandy soil. Surface sowing is recommended, as light may be required for germination. It usually germinates freely. Germinate at 14-18°C (55-65°F). In most regions it is best to lift the bulbs in the Autumn and store them in dry sand or peat moss in a cool basement (10°C - 50°F), to be planted again in a sunny position next Spring when danger of frost has past. Plants flower in their first or second year from seed
Scarification / Stratification No

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