Capsicum Jalapeno Seeds (Capsicum Annuum Seeds)

Capsicum Jalapeno Seeds (Capsicum Annuum Seeds)

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10 Capsicum Jalapeno Seeds (Capsicum Annuum Seeds)
100 Capsicum Jalapeno Seeds (Capsicum Annuum Seeds)
500 Capsicum Jalapeno Seeds (Capsicum Annuum Seeds)
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Capsicum Jalapeno
Capsicum jalapeno, Capsicum annuum is a popular short lived perennial to 90 cm, producing red chillies to 10 cm long. It is a Mexican variety used for hot pepper eating contests in the USA. This species is widely grown throughout the world, but especially in warm temperate to tropical climates. It is in leaf all year, in flower from July to September. The green sausage-shaped fruits are 3 inches or so long, turning bright red when ripe. Plants are prolific, and will produce peppers until frost. Hot Pepper 2.5K-5K (Scoville Units), 100 times less than Habanero. Use fresh or dried. Ideal for spicy cooked foods, sauces, for salsa and salads. Hardiness zones 9 -11, (-5øC/25øF, 4øC/40øF) in Winter. The plant can tolerate a small amount of frost. Likes good well drained soil, very alkaline and a sunny position. Peppers are not heavy feeder. Once flowering begins, fertilizer should be withheld; otherwise, flowers may drop without setting fruit. Water regularly, do not overwater.
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Label Capsicum Jalapeno
Common name Pepper Jalapeno
Species Capsicum annuum
Cultivar Jalapeno
Germination Barely cover the seeds with a soil mix that is loamy yet porous. Avoid heavy soil. Keep warm and in full sun. Keep lightly moist. Seed germination is sporadic and takes anywhere form 8 to 25 days, it can be a little more, don't give up.
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