Citrus Maxima Seeds (Pomelo Tree Seeds)

Citrus Maxima Seeds (Pomelo Tree Seeds)

Plant dies under -8øC. Decoction of leaves can be used for its sedative effects.
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Citrus Maxima
Citrus maxima, the Pommelo, is a fruit tree that originates from tropical regions of Asia. It grows up to 10 meters high for 8 meters wide. Its fruit, the grapefruit, is large and is better tasting when grown under a tropical climate. The plant blooms from March to June. The large white flowers are very odorant. After pollination, they will grow fruits up to 20 cm large and weighting 1-3 kg. Their skin is thick and soft, pink, yellow or greenish. They are comestible and taste bittersweet-acidic. The foliage is evergreen, silky and dull green. The leaves are large and have hairs underneath. It is easy to cultivate. Prune before the next blooming season. Tutoring can be necessary if you see that the weight of the fruits is making the branches lean. Hardiness zones 10-11 (1øC/35øF, 4øC/40øF) in winter. Citrus maxima can tolerate short periods of frost over -5øC. Under -7øC, the plant dies. It prefers a fresh environment and a tropical or tempered climate. Keep your plant away from strong winds, but always give light and sun to it. Its environment has to be fresh and sunny. It needs to grow in a well-drained and light soil. Water every 2 or 3 days in order to keep the soil humid.
More Information
Common name Pomelo Tree
Family Rutaceae
Genus Citrus
Species Citrus Maxima
Germination Use a mix of humus and garden soil, with no limestone. Plant seeds at 0.5 inches of depth. Water abundantly; reduce to twice a week in winter. Give your plant a rich fertilizing treatment twice a month. Beware of illnesses common to citruses. Germination time is usually pretty short. Your seeds should germinate in a month, but it could be more. Don?t get discouraged.
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