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  1. Iris Sibirica  (Siberian Iris)
    Iris Sibirica Hybrids Mix Seeds (Siberian Iris Seeds)

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    As long as their moisture requirements are met, they will bloom in a wide range of conditions. They are tough, reliable plants and generally free of pests and diseases. View Details

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  2. Iris Spuria (Butterfly Iris)
    Iris Spuria Hybrids Mix Seeds (Butterfly Iris Seeds)

    Starting at: USD3.30

    Most common colors are blue-purple to lilac, but additional colors are readily available, including white orange and yellow. View Details

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  3. Iris Variegata Hybrids Mix
    Iris Variegata Hybrids Mix Seeds

    Starting at: USD1.60

    The variegata refers to the bicoloured blooms, rather than the foliage. This is a mix of various forms and colours of the species. View Details

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  4. Iris Versicolor (Blue Flag Iris)
    Iris Versicolor Seeds (Blue Flag Iris Seeds)

    Starting at: USD2.20

    It produces narrow, slightly arching, sword-shaped, blue-green leaves, no more than 1 cm wide. The plant spreads by means of its modified stems, rhizomes, which are located below the soil surface. View Details
  5. Iris Virginica Shrevei (Southern Blue Flag Iris)
    Iris Virginica Shrevei Seeds (Southern Blue Flag Iris)

    Starting at: USD1.70

    The blooming period is late Spring to early Summer, and lasts about a month for a colony of plants View Details

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